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Choco Chip Cookies

This Cookie is a beautiful remembrance of our childhood Days. Hai na? Obsessed Lovers of Chocolates like me will go crazy over these Cookies that are loaded with Chocolates. The nice chunks of Chocolates in each bite of it will make you fall for it. These cookies are relished by each and every member of […]

cakes and bakes

1 minute Chocolate Mug Cake

Yes, Yes you read it right!! This silky Choco filled Mug Cake is made in just one minute and a few seconds. This is a Microwave Chocolate Cake and trusts me, the recipe is Eggless. The Cake is completely fudgy, smooth, and is one of the best dessert recipes. Once, you will make it, you […]


Restaurant Style Masala Dosa

Making a Restaurant Style Crispy Dosa at Home is very easy But with the help of some tips and tricks of mine. Trust me, your Masala Dosa is going to be soft as well as crispy and wonderfully delicious, same you eat in the Restaurants and Dhabas. Now, let’s go to the part of how […]



Idli is a beautiful, savory steamed white cake made by steaming a batter of Fermented Rice and Urad Dal, traditionally. It is originat ed from the Southern part of Indian and is popularly eaten as Breakfast in every corner of India as well as few parts of Sri-Lanka. Traditionally, Idli is made with Rice, but […]

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Red Coconut Chutney

The vibrant redness in this Coconut Chutney is not because of adding any artificial color. It’s all because of the addition of bunches of Red Chilies in it. But, don’t frighten by wondering it’s hot, sharp chilly flavor. The spice in it is balanced by the sourness of tamarind, which has turned it into a […]

Side Dish

Coconut Chutney

Planning of making South Indian Food at home? Try this Coconut Chutney as a side dish with that. This lip-smacking Chutney is so easy to make and also so tasty and made with few ingredients like Fresh Coconuts, Roasted Chana, Green Chilies, Red Chilies, Curd, Garlic, etc. Well, I am a huge fan of South […]


Chettinad Egg Biryani

Biryani in every taste, every form is everyone’s favorite. Isn’t it? It is true that each and every region and religion has its own taste and flavors. This variation is may be due to the change of local masalas they put into the Food. Whatever your palate is, Biryani is made in a very exotic […]

Side Dish

Tomato-Garlic Chutney

This vibrant, red Tomato-Garlic Chutney which enhances the taste of any boring dish. The chutney is very quick to make. Due to the addition of quite a number of red chilies, this chutney is hot and spicy, but the addition of Tomatoes has balance the spiciness of the chutney. If you are not fond of […]

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Kidney Beans Burger

Everyone’s favorite Burger Recipe is here. The recipe took 50 minutes right from Toasting Burger Buns to Making Kidney Beans Patty for the Burger. I used homemade Dip too, which tasted the same as most of the famous Burger Stores. All I am trying to mention here that these things are way too easy to […]

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Look at my Brioche type Burger Buns. They are soft, light, and fluffy. And, I can bet mine are much softer than the store-bought. The reason might be, they were fresh, just came out of the oven. And fresh warm bread, drizzled with some butter and chai is a combination like heaven. I mean, you […]


Missi Roti

Missi Roti is a speciality of Rajasthan and Punjab made with chickpea flour and wheat flour. This Roti is cooked in Tandoor and heaped with a heavy amount of ghee over it. Due to the heavy dose of ghee in the Roti, it is good to eat in winters. The Roti is not just a […]

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Dhaba Style Dal Tadka

If you are tired of eating the same old regular Chana dal, Arhar dal, or Moong dal with the same seasoning. Try this. I can bet you are going to love this. Whenever you are in the mood of eating some Dhaba style Dal, you don’t need to wait for going outside or to order […]

Side Dish

Onion-Tomato Chutney

Chutney is an exemplary side dish that can enhance the flavor of any boring dish. We Indians, have an extraordinary talent to create chutney of any veggies or fruits. Whether, in lunch or in dinner, or with Snacks in the evening, chutney is a must side-dish for us. On a regular basis, Coriander chutney, Tomato […]