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Chandrakala is a Bihari Dessert. The dessert is made in almost all festivals like Holi, Diwali, Rakshabandhan. The recipe is very much similar to Gujhiya. Chandrakala is Chandran, means Moon. The Dessert shape is similar to the full Moon and is very much Beautiful by its shape and pattern. The Dessert is always available in […]

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Cheese Cake

You will not find the recipe of this Cake anywhere (Might be). Because this one is made in my Nani’s Home. And, I have never eaten this anywhere other than her Place. My Nani used to make this for all of her Grandchildren when we visit her in our Summer Vacation. She is an intelligent […]

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Eggless Ladi Pav

Ladi Pao is a delicious loaf of Bread and is an Indian Dinner Roll. It is a staple bread in Maharashtra and gets popularity from Mumbai. Now, Ladi Pao is Loved by every household of India. I never did imagine, I would be baking Bread or Cakes at home. But with a time of Practice, […]

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Choco Chip Cookies

This Cookie is a beautiful remembrance of our childhood Days. Hai na? Obsessed Lovers of Chocolates like me will go crazy over these Cookies that are loaded with Chocolates. The nice chunks of Chocolates in each bite of it will make you fall for it. These cookies are relished by each and every member of […]

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1 minute Chocolate Mug Cake

Yes, Yes you read it right!! This silky Choco filled Mug Cake is made in just one minute and a few seconds. This is a Microwave Chocolate Cake and trusts me, the recipe is Eggless. The Cake is completely fudgy, smooth, and is one of the best dessert recipes. Once, you will make it, you […]

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Kidney Beans Burger

Everyone’s favorite Burger Recipe is here. The recipe took 50 minutes right from Toasting Burger Buns to Making Kidney Beans Patty for the Burger. I used homemade Dip too, which tasted the same as most of the famous Burger Stores. All I am trying to mention here that these things are way too easy to […]

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Look at my Brioche type Burger Buns. They are soft, light, and fluffy. And, I can bet mine are much softer than the store-bought. The reason might be, they were fresh, just came out of the oven. And fresh warm bread, drizzled with some butter and chai is a combination like heaven. I mean, you […]

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Parle G Cake

Parle G cake is the simplest cake to be made in Baking World. This Cake has hit the record in social media. So, I attempted to bake this delicious cake in my way. While the whole world is fighting the Corona and Everyone are following Social-Distancing rules, avoiding going outside and waiting patiently, for your […]

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Mango Phirni

Mango Phirni is a tangy twist of traditional Kashmiri dessert which is made using Mangoes, Milk, and Rice. This is a beautiful Summer loaded with varieties of Mangoes; the king of fruits. You can create varieties of desserts with Mangoes. Everyday is a Mango-nificient!! Mango is everyone’s favorite, mine too. That’s the very big reason […]


Gulaab Kulfi

Gulaab kulfi is prepared by sweetened condensed milk and flavored with Rose syrup, Rosewater, and dry petals of the rose. This kulfi is a sweet delight. You can have it anytime; after the meal, before the meal, or even when you are not going to have any meal. Compared to ice cream, kulfis are much […]

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Mango Kulfi

“A kulfi a day keeps the summer away!!” I am a Kulfi person. I would rather choose kulfis over icecreams. The creaminess of kulfis are not only tempting but something you would love to dive into. And as Mango season is at its peak. So, I decided to try out different recipes with Mango this […]