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Gulkand Lassi

Gulkand Lassi is a delectable Summer Beverage, made with coolness Gulkand and Curd, blend with some aromatic Indian Spices. Gulkand has unique Taste, made with rose petals and sugar. Gulkand Lassi can be prepared in 5 minutes only. This Lassi is rose-flavoured. Gulkand is made in India and Pakistan. But, there are various companies who […]

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Mumbai Style Pav Bhaji

As the name is Suggesting, this recipe of Pao Bhaji gives the same taste as by famous street Vendors in Mumbai. Pao Bhaji is a delicious and a popular dish of Maharashtra. I was craving for this mouth-watering delicacy of Mumbai since a few days. You will find Stalls of Pao Bhaji in almost every […]


Restaurant Style Masala Dosa

Making a Restaurant Style Crispy Dosa at Home is very easy But with the help of some tips and tricks of mine. Trust me, your Masala Dosa is going to be soft as well as crispy and wonderfully delicious, same you eat in the Restaurants and Dhabas. Now, let’s go to the part of how […]



Idli is a beautiful, savory steamed white cake made by steaming a batter of Fermented Rice and Urad Dal, traditionally. It is originat ed from the Southern part of Indian and is popularly eaten as Breakfast in every corner of India as well as few parts of Sri-Lanka. Traditionally, Idli is made with Rice, but […]

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Paneer Pesarattu

Pesarattu is a crepe-like Dosa, originated by Andhra Pradesh. Unlike Dosa, Pesarattu is made with Green Moong Dal and does not include Urad Dal. Pesarattu is a healthy, Protein-rich Breakfast in Andhra Pradesh and now is owned by most of the Kitchens in different corners of India. Pesarattu is a Telugu word, which means Dosa(Pesara) […]