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Cashew Crispy Babycorn

This bowlful of Cashew Crispy Babycorn is a lovable, heartwarming, spicy comfort food that is full of flavours. It is a very healthy and nutritious starter. Let’s see, how to make it. About the Recipe Cashew Crispy Babycorn is a dish inspired by Chinese flavours. And, the Chinese flavours are something, which is loved by […]

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Mumbai Style Pav Bhaji

As the name is Suggesting, this recipe of Pao Bhaji gives the same taste as by famous street Vendors in Mumbai. Pao Bhaji is a delicious and a popular dish of Maharashtra. I was craving for this mouth-watering delicacy of Mumbai since a few days. You will find Stalls of Pao Bhaji in almost every […]

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Kidney Beans Burger

Everyone’s favorite Burger Recipe is here. The recipe took 50 minutes right from Toasting Burger Buns to Making Kidney Beans Patty for the Burger. I used homemade Dip too, which tasted the same as most of the famous Burger Stores. All I am trying to mention here that these things are way too easy to […]

Appetizers, Brunch

Soybean Kebab

Soybean Kebabs are super quick, hassle-free, and rich in protein appetizer. It is quick to make and doesn’t take much time. So, you can make these kebabs when your guest is arriving and you don’t have much time to prepare a feast. These delicate kebabs are full of toothsome flavors. Each bite of it guarantees […]