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Hello World,

Thank you for stopping by on “shewritesfood.com”. It is basically a blog page on vivid delicacies of India and the other corners of the globe.

Cooking is anything but tedious. it is not only a basic necessity of life but also one of the most imaginative activities that human fingers can do.

My reason for starting this blog is pure and simple, my sheer love for cooking. The fun of experimenting with the various flavours and then waiting with bated breath for its veracity is truly magical.

My Name is Pooja Mahto, and this is my little space of the social world. Indigenously, I’m from Bihar but currently living in Uttarakhand. I’m the sole handler and creator of this page. I started cooking way back during my teen days as a casual hobby. Little did I knew that it will turn out into a beautiful passion that I’ll live and breathe each day. As with life, whatever I have learned inside the kitchen is through repeated mistakes and misfortunes but the one thing which kept me going was my love for the flavours.

I was a rookie when I started and I don’t think that I have reached my destination yet. However, despite the failures, I have been able to enjoy the journey with complete acceptance. All this has been possible only because of my passion and understanding of the craft of cooking.

My Mumma has been a pillar through the way, right from teaching me how to stir a dish to bake a cake. She has been my confidant and inspiration to keep me going and to keep trying.

My goal is to share my recipes and experiences with you all so that you can go and try the same. There is no better feeling in this world than to cook a dish with all your heart and then listen to all the ravings by your loved ones.

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