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Traditional Dal Makhani

This Traditional Dal Makhani is a soul of Punjabis and whole India. Makhani means “buttery”, so for this recipe, whole black lentils (urad sabut) is cooked with a lot of butter and cream. Along with urad sabut,  rajma (kidney beans) are also often added to this day. You can’t resist this Creamy, Velvety bowl of […]

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Chandrakala is a Bihari Dessert. The dessert is made in almost all festivals like Holi, Diwali, Rakshabandhan. The recipe is very much similar to Gujhiya. Chandrakala is Chandran, means Moon. The Dessert shape is similar to the full Moon and is very much Beautiful by its shape and pattern. The Dessert is always available in […]

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Cashew Crispy Babycorn

This bowlful of Cashew Crispy Babycorn is a lovable, heartwarming, spicy comfort food that is full of flavours. It is a very healthy and nutritious starter. Let’s see, how to make it. About the Recipe Cashew Crispy Babycorn is a dish inspired by Chinese flavours. And, the Chinese flavours are something, which is loved by […]

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Traditional Masoor Dal

This Traditional style of Masoor Dal is simmered with a generous amount of spices. Masoor Dal is a Red Lentil and very easy to find at any Grocery stores in India. Accompany this Dal with Phulkas and Jeera Rice. The Dal is easy and hustle-free to make. Each and every household of India has its […]

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Kele ke Kofte

In Kele ke Kofte, kofte balls are made up of Raw Banana combined with basic Indian spices, and deep-fried and then is dunked in Mustard-based Gravy. Mustard-based Gravy gives it an authentic taste of Bihar. Well, there is various kind of gravies made for Kele ke Koftes. There are some recipes of sweeter gravy too. […]

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Sultani Dal

As the name suggests, this Sultani Dal is lushed with cream, milk and curd. The engagement of Toor Dal with heaps of milk and its product has made it creamy, velvety, and silky. The Dal is also known as Lucknawi Dal because it got its popularity in Lucknow. The combination of the richness of cream […]

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Gulkand Lassi

Gulkand Lassi is a delectable Summer Beverage, made with coolness Gulkand and Curd, blend with some aromatic Indian Spices. Gulkand has unique Taste, made with rose petals and sugar. Gulkand Lassi can be prepared in 5 minutes only. This Lassi is rose-flavoured. Gulkand is made in India and Pakistan. But, there are various companies who […]

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Cheese Cake

You will not find the recipe of this Cake anywhere (Might be). Because this one is made in my Nani’s Home. And, I have never eaten this anywhere other than her Place. My Nani used to make this for all of her Grandchildren when we visit her in our Summer Vacation. She is an intelligent […]

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Turmeric Tea

Whenever we feel low Tea is the best companion. Even, when we have a wide smile on our face, we lookout for tea only. And, when it is Turmeric Tea, it is much healthier. Turmeric has medicinal properties. It is a most commonly used spice in India. As, the whole world is going through a […]

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Mango Lassi

Mango is in season, So I thought to share one another recipe of Mangos. And this time it is Mango Lassi. Traditionally, Lassi is made with Yoghurt, Gulab Jal, Sugar and topped with Cream and Mawa. Not to mention, Mango Lassi is a blend of Yoghurt, Mango, Dry fruits and few aromatic spices. A few […]

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Mumbai Style Pav Bhaji

As the name is Suggesting, this recipe of Pao Bhaji gives the same taste as by famous street Vendors in Mumbai. Pao Bhaji is a delicious and a popular dish of Maharashtra. I was craving for this mouth-watering delicacy of Mumbai since a few days. You will find Stalls of Pao Bhaji in almost every […]

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Cafe Style Cold Coffee

Have you ever wondered how many bucks you are wasting for this easy Cold Coffee? I mean, you can easily make it at home too. This decedent Coffee is a true treat in Summer, even in winter too. I am obsessed with good coffee and my brother is a big-time Cold Coffee Lover. So, I […]

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Eggless Ladi Pav

Ladi Pao is a delicious loaf of Bread and is an Indian Dinner Roll. It is a staple bread in Maharashtra and gets popularity from Mumbai. Now, Ladi Pao is Loved by every household of India. I never did imagine, I would be baking Bread or Cakes at home. But with a time of Practice, […]